Yves Delacollette

Accredited mediator

I am authorised by the Federal Mediation Commission (FMC) to help parties to reach a negotiated solution to their conflict. I intervene at the request of bMediation or of the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (CEPANI) of which I am a member, or by decision of a court. And also, of course, at the joint request of the parties themselves or their lawyers. I am most often mandated in disputes between shareholders and/or companies, in matters of mergers and transfers of companies, successions, disputes on distribution contracts or relating to intellectual property, both in Belgium and internationally. This role of mediator is governed by the Judicial Code and is subject to the ethical control of the CFM.

Conciliator and negotiator

Having chosen to favour the amicable resolution of conflicts in all circumstances, I frequently intervene as a conciliator. Unlike the mediator, who is not expected to propose a solution but to help the parties find one, as a conciliator I take initiatives based on my professional experience and my "bilingualism", seen here as my simultaneous practice of the languages of business and law. I also act as co-conciliator or negotiator representing the client in the search for a negotiated solution with the negotiators of the other parties to the conflict.

Lawyer and counsel in alternative dispute resolution

I am not a "palace lawyer", i.e. I am not used to court cases, although I work a lot in teams with reputable lawyers for the legal defence of my clients whose dispute has to be resolved in court or arbitration. My role as a lawyer therefore focuses on negotiating strategic agreements (mergers & acquisitions, commercial agreements) and advising on alternative dispute resolution: arbitration, mediation, conciliation. The (international) world of Belgian business is my natural playground.


I act as co-arbitrator appointed by a party in arbitrations. It seems that my extensive experience in the Belgian and European financial sector is appreciated to complement the three-member arbitral tribunal. I have been a member of the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (CEPANI) since 2018.

Consular judge

Appointed consular judge at the Company Court of Walloon Brabant in June 2020.

Where I come from.

After graduating in law from UCLouvain (1982), I have held management positions in leading international groups in their sectors of activity, including 20 years (1990-2009) as a director of various European subsidiaries of the Crédit Lyonnais Group (now the Crédit Agricole Group) and as Chairman of the Management Committee and of the Management Board of Belgian and French subsidiaries of the Deutsche Bank Group.

As an active investor, shareholder-partner and director in various companies under Belgian and foreign law, with activities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, I have advised and managed groups and companies of various cultures and sizes, particularly in sectors as varied as banking and insurance, transport, distribution, digital marketing, food processing, real estate and the creative industry (2009-2018).

Together with other experts, I advised (2010-2012) the Belgian government in the supervision and recovery of the financial sector following the banking crisis.

Teaming up with renowned law firms, I am involved in major litigation and negotiate contracts of a commercial and strategic nature (M&A, Joint Ventures, fund raising, etc.).

Throughout my career, I have continued to train, notably at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (20023). In particular, I specialised in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation).

Since 2018, I have been a certified civil and commercial mediator, attorney and arbitrator. I am a member of bMEDIATION and CEPANI (Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation). Since 1 June 2020, I have been a consular judge at the company court of Walloon Brabant.

French-speaking by birth, I speak and work fluently in English and Dutch.

Yves Delacollette