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Welcome to my website. My approach is guided by a conviction and a method. Conviction: almost every situation requires a multifaceted and therefore transdisciplinary solution. The method: to mobilise the talents, whoever they may be, capable of assembling the solutions best suited to my clients' needs. But my commitment is also a matter of creativity. And passion for the business world.
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Yves Delacollette

Accredited mediator

I am authorised by the Federal Mediation Commission (FMC) to help the parties reach a negotiated solution to their conflict.

Conciliator and negotiator

Having chosen to favour the amicable resolution of conflicts in all circumstances, I frequently intervene as a conciliator and negotiator.

Lawyer and counsel

My role as a lawyer focuses on negotiating strategic agreements (mergers & acquisitions, commercial agreements) and advising on alternative dispute resolution: arbitration, mediation, conciliation.


I act as co-arbitrator, either in ad hoc arbitrations or within the framework of the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (CEPANI).
Yves Delacollette


Alternative conflict resolution

I act as an approved mediator, conciliator and arbitrator in all disputes between Belgian or international companies, shareholders or partners, in matters of succession and general civil and commercial matters. As a lawyer, I advise and accompany my clients in mediation, conciliation, negotiation and arbitration.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Transfer of companies

I advise my clients in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, business transfers and access to capital markets. To do so, I mobilize, as needed, experts recognized in their field of excellence and build tailor-made multidisciplinary teams.

Judicial dispute resolution

Assembler of solutions means, in my mind, assembler of teams. Depending on the needs of my clients and the issues at stake, I work in teams with the most reputable lawyers in Belgian and international judicial law. I organise and coordinate my clients' defence or legal action if and when the law must be said.

Strategic advice
Negotiation of agreements
Litigation prevention

My experience as a company director and administrator within international groups that are leaders in their sector of activity has enabled me to develop my "bilingualism" as a simultaneous practitioner of the languages of business and law. This translates into strategic coaching and assistance in the negotiation of all business agreements. I am also sometimes asked to be a director or member of the supervisory board.


My mission?

To help you find a quick, confidential and cost-effective negotiated solution to any conflict.

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