What I believe.

Strategic advice and prevention of litigation

The best chain of shops or the largest banking network cannot excel in everything and everywhere. The same is true of law firms or consulting firms. My obsession with customer satisfaction, avoiding conflicts of interest and controlling costs, combined with the creativity and flexibility increasingly demanded of the business world, has led me to organise myself as a solution assembler. DELACOLLETTE srl is therefore a niche firm that mobilises the talents and energies of the best lawyers, experts in figures and strategic advisers in the best interests of the clients whose interests I defend and whose interests I sometimes also speak for.

Conseil stratégique et prévention des litiges

Mergers & Acquisitions
Transfer of companies

I advise my clients in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, business transfers and access to capital markets. To do so, I mobilize, as needed, experts recognized in their field of excellence and build tailor-made multidisciplinary teams.

Strategic consulting
Negotiation of agreements
Litigation prevention

My experience as a company director and administrator within international groups that are leaders in their sector of activity has enabled me to develop my "bilingualism" as a simultaneous practitioner of the languages of business and law. This translates into strategic coaching and assistance in the negotiation of all business agreements. I am also sometimes asked to be a director or member of the supervisory board.